25 May 2016

10 Mean Girls GIFS

In honour of "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" I've put together a bunch of gifs from the classic Mean Girls film. Some are my favourite parts, some are shocking parts and some are the legendary. You must of all seen Mean Girls, right? If not, take the day off work and WATCH IT. Tell your boss that Amy said you could. I'm sure it will go down peachy. Okay, maybe not. I'm betting you have seen it though.

1) Like I said - shocking.

Mean Girl gifs

2) Again, another shocking Mean Girl moment.

Mean Girl gifs
3) Even more shocking.

Mean Girl gifs

4) She's a pusher.. like a drug pusher? That's going straight in my burn book.

Mean Girl gifs

5) It's October 3rd. I'm going to keep this GIF just to use it on October 3rd.

Mean Girl gifs

6) And my all time favourite..

Mean Girl gifs

7) She is a mouse.. Duh.

Mean Girl gifs

8) Probably, a lot of peoples favourite..

Mean Girl gifs

9) Everyone is in there.

Mean Girl gifs

10) Finally, on Wednesdays we wear pink!

Mean Girl gifs

23 May 2016

Dinner at Crust on Bold Street in Liverpool: REVIEW

Mondays are always a drag. Not because I hate my job but because I just love the weekends. Free time is my all time favourite. I can treat myself to a meal, do some shopping and generally do what ever I want to do. Mostly blog, to be honest. Seriously, aren't weekends just glorious though? Well, they are even better when you have plans! Stuck for plans and looking for something to do? If you are looking for a new food place to try hopefully this blog post will inspire you to treat yourself to some great pizza! - everyone loves pizza, right? Well, I think that they should. A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend spent our Saturday night in Liverpool City Centre. Bold Street to be more specific. We were invited to Crust for dinner which is located on Bold Street. They specialise in pizza, pasta and my boyfriends favourite.. beer! I do love me some pizza and pasta but when it comes to my drinks - I much prefer an exotic cocktail. Whilst we both drooled over the menu, I ordered a cocktail and John ordered a beer. The menu had a lot more choices than what I'd expected. Aside from pasta and pizza they do wraps, salads, grills and they even have a breakfast menu. One thing that really impressed me and my boyfriend on the menu was the various range of pizza bases that you can choose from. The "Crust Original" which is the simple/safe option. The "Five Grain" which is the one that we opted to share - which is full of health benefits as it contains wheat germ, oat, spelt and rice flour. Healthy pizza? Who even knew this existed? Even better - this was a guilty free side to my main. They also have "Organic" that is imported from Italy and black dough. Read more about their range of bases and the rest of the menu here.

Crust Pizza Review Liverpool Bold Street

I decided that for my main, I would have a chicken Caesar salad. Me and John shared a side order of pizza. In all honesty, I wish I'd of ordered a huge pizza just to my self. It was delicious. He ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese because it's his all time favourite type of Italian food. His standards are pretty high but he loved it. My chicken Caesar salad was packed with flavour yet, I still wish I'd of had more pizza. I'm pretty eager to try other pizza topping from here after having this. I can see me and John heading back very soon!

Crust Pizza Review Liverpool Bold Street
Cocktails Liverpool
Liverpool Italian
Crust Liverpool Review

Desserts are my favourite part of a meal. I mean, there is always room for dessert right? Personally, when it comes to dessert - I like to try something new. I do love the classics but when I'm having a meal, I try to mix up my dessert. The dessert menu at Crust is seriously intriguing. THEY DO CHOCOLATE PIZZA. I was really tempted but I would not of had room for that. I opted for Ravioli Chocolate which was a handcrafted sweet ravioli filled with chocolate sauce. It was amazing. My boyfriend played it safe with ice-cream but even that looked really nice.

Overall, our time at Crust was really nice - we would head back for sure! Let me know if you would to Crust in Liverpool or if you already have?

10 Apr 2016

Review // Rose Gold iPhone SE

After starting a new job - I decided to treat myself to a brand new phone. To be honest, I was pretty sad to say goodbye to my trusty old iPhone. I had given my last phone a good home for touching 3 years but the battery was starting to get pretty bad and it really was time to move on. I did however pass it on to my sister because she doesn't use her phone as much as I do - the battery won't be a big deal to her. The day that I had chosen to get myself a new phone - the iPhone SE was on it's second day of release. I had my eye on that anyway - so that was the choice which I decided to make. Mostly because I had the iPhone 5 previously and the size of that phone was perfect for my small hands. I do love how Apple decided to mix the iPhone 5 design but added all of the iPhone 6s features and hardware. Plus, Rose Gold?! How could I not?

First Impressions
Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush. This iPhone does still feel like the iPhone 5. It's exactly the same just with added features. I was expecting nothing less. I didn't expect to be blown away by this phone but I knew I was going to love it because I did love the iPhone 5. So, is it really any surprise that I love the iPhone SE? Not really.

I love the Rose Gold but some of the new features aren't a major issue for me. I can take live photos.. So, what? It just isn't something that really got me excited. Things which I look for in a phone are mostly things that make it easier for me to blog, I need a decent quality camera, lots of memory and apps. I opted for the 64GB, so that I wouldn't be worrying over memory. The iPhone SE has a 12MP iSight camera - which is the same as the iPhone 6. I can take really great quality photos - which as a blogger is just what I need. A feature which I do find useful is the Touch ID - I can unlock my phone using my fingertip. It is a hand feature to have but again, it's not a major feature for me.

I'm glad that I opted for the iPhone SE, some of the other models such as the iPhone 6 would of been way to big for me to handle. I'm happy with the smaller design. I've got plenty of memory and I can take some great photos. I feel like I have upgraded a little but without having to adjust to a new design. The battery power is amazing too! I can finally use snap chat without worrying over my battery life!

Final thoughts in Emoji's

3 Apr 2016

Life Lately

Time for a very chatty post, it's been a while since I have posted a general chit chat type of post. I'll basically be chewing your ear off and I will get carried away. Please, forgive me in advance. Anyway, I haven't blogged for a few weeks now - not only because I've started a new job but because I was switching my Wi-Fi provider and was stuck without Wi-Fi for a week. No Netflix, no blogging, no fun.. It was a very sad week for me. Third world problems and all that jazz. That's my excuse - I should of stopped by a café to blog but I don't really have any local to me. That sucks. As for my new job - I'm loving it. I'm still in my first month but so far, so good. Aside from a new job - I've been keeping myself busy with days out, nights out, events and occasions.

On Easter weekend me and my boyfriend went to Acorn farm in Knowsley, they had Meerkats! I loved it. I even got involved in the petting sessions and had the chance to hold all the animals -  The chicks, the hens, the rabbits and the guinea pigs. Then on Easter Sunday - I went on a night out to the Black Rabbit in Liverpool Town Centre. It was a fun night but on the way home I got completely caught in the rain whilst waiting for a taxi. My makeup managed to stay on perfectly though, thanks to Gemma the MUA at Flawless Makeover Studio. She's a star - she gave me super on point winder eyeliner, glowing skin and khaki lids.

Also in March I attended the Busaba Liverpool's Temple Fair Launch. Me and my boyfriend were treated to a fabulous three course Thai meal, drinks and a goodie bag. The event was brilliant, they had a live band playing, canapés and a candy floss machine. CANDY FLOSS - my favourite. If you want to read more, I posted more about the event over on my spin off blog - Lust For Liverpool. I made a spin off blog because I was starting to clog up this blog with lots of posts on Liverpool, I will still post some on here but the majority of them will be over there! Why not add it to your reading list?

Busaba Liverpool

Other than that, I've had little days out with John, like walking the dog, going to the Cinemas and going for food. Yesterday we took a trip to Crosby beach, it was a little windy but it wasn't cold. The pooch loved it and we had hot dogs, then some ice cream. I also treated myself to the iPhone CE in rose gold on Friday - To be honest I've generally been spending more than I should but my spring goal is to save, save, save! Hopefully, I will stick to it.

Day out at Crosby Beach

I'm going to stop chewing your ear off now because the sun has came out to say hello and I really feel like having a nap in the garden. Happy Spring!!
Love you's x

16 Mar 2016

My Favourite Highlighters & How I Use Them - Collabration with La Blog Beaute

Eek! It's been a while since I've collaborated with another blogger. One of my goals this year is to collaborate with fellow bloggers more often. Today me and the very lovely Beth who blogs over at La Blog Beaute are talking all about our favourite highlighters! I have chosen three highlighters, a liquid highlighter, a powder highlighter and a stick highlighter. Before I dive into the post - If you haven't heard of Beth's blog before, you should really head over. She posts plenty of beauty tips, reviews and what not. Be sure to take a look at her post on her favourite highlighters too!

My Favourite Highlighters and How I Use Them
Highlighting have became a must in my daily make-up routine and over the past few months, my highlighter collection has grown. I've chosen three highlighting products, that I find work well with my skin type and tone. If you don't already know, I have combination skin.  

1) Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting ConcealerOkay, so this product is one that I frequently buy over and over again. When it's getting low - I always rebuy. Technically it's a concealer but it works great as a liquid highlighter because it is light reflecting. It leaves a flawless finish and highlights really well.
To use this product I grab a concealing brush and add product to the brush. After applying my foundation, I lightly dab this product onto the areas that I wish to highlight such as - my upper cheek bones, under my brows, my nose and above my lip. I don't apply this particular product onto my forehead as my forehead gets oily and it winds up looking sweaty. If your forehead isn't oily - it should be okay. 

2) Bourjois Bronzing Powder and Highlighting Duo
I'm not much of a powder kind of girl but this duo by Bourjois is one that I love. It's perfect for the spring time because it gives you a bronze glow as well as highlighting. It's easy to apply, a simple brush of highlighter onto my cheek bones creates a dewy finish. This is a highlighter perfect for quick application. I'm a fan of Bourjois, so it's no surprise that I love this duo.

3) Collection Speedy Stick HighlighterThis highlighter is one that I have only recently tried and I am really impressed with. It adds impeccable highlight to a makeup look. I opt for the highlighting stick when I have an occasion, such as a night out or a meal. I love that it has a shimmer to it. I apply straight onto my face onto areas which I want to highlight. It's perfect for certain area but because the stick is so big it's harder to apply to my nose and smaller areas - for those areas I do use a brush to apply. The shade "Pearl Sheen" is great for my skin tone and leaves an overall pretty and dewy finish.

What is your current favourite highlighter? I'm always eager to try new highlighters out - they are my current loves. Also, do you stick to liquid highlighters or do you use other highlighting products? Let me know below. I hope you liked this collaboration and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this. P.S, Be sure to head over to Beth's blog and read her post on highlighters! Thanks for reading

8 Mar 2016

Afternoon @ The Chill Out Spa in Knowsley

As a valentines day treat me and my boyfriend went for a post-valentines day spa session. The choice of spa was The Chill Out spa in Knowsley. Who during February had some great valentines offers available. I'd never visited them before and I was really impressed. The offer that we opted for was the upgraded "Romantic Valentines Treat" package. Which involved - a full body massage, use of the hot tub, time in the tranquillity lounge and a chocolate fondue in the bistro. The tranquillity lounge had a really relaxing atmosphere with comfy lounge beds and a waterfall. Me and my boyfriend un-winded in there before indulging in the chocolate fondue. Which was so tasty. I'm a chocoholic anyway so I was bound to enjoy that.

My boyfriend loves marshmallows dipped in chocolate so he ate all of them and then asked for some more. Typical. Personally, I love strawberries with melted chocolate. After that we spent some time in the hot tub and we got treated to a glass of Prosecco each. The full body massage was really relaxing and I would really recommend it to anyone. If you love pamper days - Chill Out Spa is a place you should really try. I had such a pleasant afternoon.

4 Mar 2016

Food Friday! // Around The World Liverpol Review

Friday for me always means food. A lot of food. Followed by cocktails. I'm always on the look out for new places to try out. It has been one week now since me and my cousin Hannah visited Around the World in Liverpool One. We stopped in for food and cocktails. You probably already know that Hannah blogs as well, if not - you can find her blog post about our visit here. My first thoughts on the bar was that the décor was welcoming. I really liked the fairy lights around the bar, it added a really cosy vibe. The atmosphere was welcoming and relaxing too. They had live music on, a solo male artist from what I can remember. He was really good. We was sat to our table and got offered some water while we looked over the menu. The menu was pleasing and looked well laid out on a clipboard. I was actually stuck between hunters chicken and their hanging kebab. Hannah typically had already peeked at the menu and had chosen her meal before we had arrived. I'd like to be that organised, but I do love to really take my time when I'm ordering a meal. You know, just to make sure it's something that I really feel like eating at the time. Maybe that's just me? I opted for the hunters chicken. It's one of my favourite dishes, how could I not? Hannah had already decided on the hunters chicken and I really didn't want to get food envy. Food envy is the worst. 
We decided to skip a starter as we didn't want to overload and leave our main meals. The nacho's and cheese did really sounded appetizing though. As for drinks, I ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. What else? It's kind of my signature drink. Hannah ordered the same. The waitress who was looking after us was really friendly. When our drinks arrived, our food wasn't long after. My hunters chicken was everything that I hoped it would be. The bacon was crispy. I just love my bacon crispy. The chicken was lovely and my chips were so good. The food went down a treat. Me and Hannah were both really happy with our choice. The cocktails also went down nicely but I'm not one to be fussy with my drinks anyway. Oops. One thing that I loved about the cocktail menu at Around the World was that it told you some history behind each cocktail. I found that pretty interesting and it passed the time until the drinks arrived. Overall the time that we spent at Around The World was really nice. I would go there again for sure! Next time I might try the hanging chicken, after I spotted a picture of it on their Twitter feed and it looked devine. That's my order next time for sure. Another thing that caught my eye was a sign that they had up for cocktail masterclasses for only £20. I'd love to give that a go, I had so much fun last time I got involved in a a cocktail masterclass at Revolution St.Peters. I'd like to thank Around the World for having me. Please read my disclaimer here.
P.S Have you entered mine and Hannah's giveaway?
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